30 November, 2009

My To Do List, Part I

Well, I am back in Ithaca from my Thanksgiving break. It was too short, and I don't quite see the point of having such a long break, only to come back to school for two weeks. Oh well.

To keep myself sane, I am taking extreme measures. I spent a full half hour today on Google Earth, virtually wandering up and down the street that the London Center is located on. I've a small countdown widget on my computer's dashboard, and a physical one on my dry-erase board that I use as a to-do list.

So in the spirit of to-do lists (for I am a huge fan of making lists), I present my London To Do List. Not a list of things to do before going to London, but some goals I hope to achieve whilst there. The list will undoubtedly grow huger and huger as my departure date grows nearer, and probably will continue growing even after I am there, so stay tuned. And let me know if there is anything in particular you think I should be doing when I am there. I'll add it to the list. I'm pretty open to any options.

  1. Find Hogwarts. Yes, I'm serious.
  2. Eat fish and chips. Like, real ones.
  3. Ride in a double decker bus.
  4. Perfect my British accent to the point where I can fool the locals.
  5. Adapt British slang into my everyday language without feeling like an idiot.
  6. Meet at least one member of the cast of Harry Potter. Stalking is optional.
  7. Explore.
  8. Fit in well enough to not feel like a tourist, even when doing tourist-y things.
That's all I've got so far. More to come soon. Til then, I've got a project to work on and lines to memorize. Also, I'm listening to Glee, which is always distracting. I couldn't possibly work anymore on my list while listening to Lea Michele sing Defying Gravity.

Ta, my dears.


27 November, 2009

Advice from you.

I've created two incredibly amateur header images to use as the banner at the top of this blog. But I can't decide which to use. As you can see, there is an Alice in Wonderland themed header in place right now. If you can't see it, here it is:

And here is the other one I have created, which is much more British in appearance, I feel.

Help me decide which to use!

EDIT: Hmm, can't figure out why the text is blurry in the second image. Ignore that fact.

25 November, 2009

This post is not actually real.

Testing, 1, 2. Testing, 1, 2.

18 November, 2009

Insert Witty Title Here

First Post. Alright, cool.

My name is Emily, and in exactly 53 days, I will be heading out to study for an entire semester at Ithaca College’s London Center Centre. I think it’s important to mention here that I have, for the vast majority of my twenty years, been waiting for this opportunity. I’m from one of those families that speaks in British accents at the dinner table. My siblings and I have practically mastered it by now, since we’ve been doing it so long. My mother wonders how on Earth she gave birth to four American Anglophiles, while my father tends to try and join in with bad Monty Python impressions. (No offense, Daddy, I love you!) Now that I am actually going to be living there for several months, I think it’s pretty needless to say that I am beyond excited.

So this blog has been created mainly to keep in touch with my friends and family whilst I am abroad, but I don’t discriminate. It’s really open to anyone who is interested in reading about the hilariously madcap adventures of a fabulous (and slightly insane) young American woman in British-land.
Let’s jump right in, shall we?

Today was a major freak-out day. I finally got my passport in the mail, so I thought, oh hey, I’ll just fill out my visa application now, right? Wrong. Well, right. I did fill it out. And I finished it and scheduled a biometrics appointment, too. (For some reason whenever I think about a biometrics appointment I think of robots. I feel like they will be turning me into the bionic exchange student or something. Which would be kind of cool, I suppose. But it might throw off my groove a little.) But then I realized there’s an issue. I don’t know if my parents’ bank account, which we’re using to prove I can financially support myself over there in British-land (even though I’m not actually going to be using any of the money in that account), fits the criteria for the kind of account required for the visa application.

So I look at as many websites as humanly possible, email as many people as I can, I even phoned the Ithaca College London Center (in LONDON!) to try and figure it out. Guess what? No one can help me, they can just refer me to other places to call so I can try to figure it out. Even if those other places I’ve been referred to actually have a phone charge of $3 per MINUTE. Ew. Needless to say, I didn’t call that number. After hours upon hours of searching, which in reality was only about 45 minutes, I received an email back from WorldBridge.com. Excited and a little nervous, I opened it, hoping to hear good news.

What I received, however, was a long, rambling passage about financial requirements for a visa application. The same long, rambling passage I’d read on their website only minutes ago. No answer to my question, just a quick copy and paste job. I was not amused. And my question still has not been answered.

Oh, my darling prospective internship, I hope that the government stops being lame and I will get to fulfill my dreams of being a migrant worker in Europe. *wistful sigh*

Wish me luck, folks.