05 December, 2009

37 Days.

Today I bought a pretty red leather bound journal at Target. Somehow when I bought it, my reasoning was, "I will use this when I go to London." I've been training myself all semester to be more conservative with my money, and so every time I do buy something, it either needs to be for my immediate needs (shampoo, food, etc.) or for London. I have no idea how this pretty new notebook has anything to do with my adventures in British-land, but now I will feel guilty using it unless I find a London-related purpose for it. I haven't written in a paper journal since I graduated from high school, and I've been wanting to start again, so perhaps this will be my chance, although I feel that this blog might suffer from that decision. But then again, maybe not, since I have you lovely people to yell at me to update whenever I get lazy with it, right?

I've been realizing, over the past few weeks, that I have no idea what to bring with me. Obviously I'll need clothing, but this is more of a problem than it sounds like. I literally own far too much clothing. And the thing is, I wear most of it. I really do. I'll want to bring it all with me. But I won't be able to! Same with my shoes. And my scarves. And my jewelery. And my makeup. Crap, I am such a female! I'll feel restricted if I can't bring everything I want to bring, and feeling restricted will make me want to buy more things so I don't feel restricted, and then I'll have loads and loads of things to bring home with me when the semester ends and I won't have enough room in my luggage and I'll have to pay billions and trillions and squillions of dollars to get it all back home and then I will be so broke I won't be able to buy anything else every again. *deep breath*

Moral of the story is that I have quite the wardrobe to sift through. And beside wardrobe, I'll have to sift through everything else I own, too. Do I want to take books? Movies? Random knick-knacks? Okay, okay, I'll admit it, although it seems a bit gratuitous to actually say so, I am a pack rat. I have a ridiculous amount of stuff simply because I never want to throw any of it out. I always wonder if I will need it at some later point. I rarely do need it, but I always come up with some excuse to keep it. "I can't possibly throw out this hot pink polka-dotted sequined bandana, what if I need to go to a costume party?" or "But this cute little tin would make a perfect pencil/makeup brush/silverware/sharpie holder!" Let me tell you, folks. I have an obscene number of pencil/makeup brush/silverware/sharpie holders, and an obscene number of costume party accessories. And while I do use the fun little containers, and occasionally do go to a costume party, I will have to make some major decisions while packing for England. It's not going to be pretty, and I'll likely forget something important, like socks or underwear, just so that I can fit that pair of neon green spandex that I'll never even wear into my suitcase. I don't actually own neon green spandex, but I wouldn't be surprised if it happened anyway.



  1. Shmeil, I had the same predicament when I went to Froggyland! You want to bring so much stuff that you think you'll need, but then you get there and half of the stuff you thought you'd want, you don't actually ever use. My suggestion to you is make a list of essentials; like the minimum amount of each item of clothing you need to take, etc.
    When we were packing, we were advised to leave at least a little bit of room in our suitcase (yes, singular! we were allowed one suitcase and one carry-on. and a purse. that was it) so that if we bought anything in europe, we would have somewhere to put it for the trip back. And of course we all know that you will be buying things in London, so don't be a pack rat, because the fashion over there is so much more awesome that you'll wish you flew over with nothing but a toothbrush so that you can stock up on totally awesome clothes that are so fashion forward that they won't go out of style for at least 3 years! Yay!

  2. Hahahaha Margy, that's funny. I don't know how much stuff I am allowed to take over with me on the flight, but it needs to be enough to tide me over for five months. AKA over packing is even more of a valid concern than usual. But yeah, I'm not even trying to deny to myself the fact that I will be doing lots of shopping.