18 January, 2010

An Abundance of Stoves

Today has been a strange day. We moved into our flat yesterday, and we were so happy and excited, everything was absolutely wonderful. The flat is gorgeous, and we've got it for a really decent price, and we joked about what the catch was. Well, we found it!

I woke up this morning to go to my internship work placement meeting at the IC London Centre, and that went fine. Lauren and I went to Tesco afterward, and that was pretty fun. We got ourselves some groceries and explored the massive shop (3 floors!) and got back to the flat...

...only to find that there were strange men inside. We had been expecting some work to be done, since there was a door that needed to be hung and a patch of wall that needed to be painted, and we were told that someone would be in today to work on that. But the patch was still unpainted and the door was still leaning against the wall. What were these guys doing here, right?

Well, they hadn't been sitting around scratching their asses, I'll tell you that. Two of the bedrooms that have their own bathrooms now are the proud owners of their very own kitchen unit.

That's right.

Mini kitchenettes in the bedrooms. So two of our bedrooms, including an extremely tiny one that already was just barely big enough for a bed, now have their own stoves, fridges, and sinks, complete with overhead cabinets. And no one will tell us why they are here!

To make things even better, the workmen turned off the hot water in order to connect our superfluous bedroom plumbing, and failed to turn it back on when they left, a fact I only discovered when I was halfway through a shower. Needless to say, my shower was not as relaxing as I'd hoped it would be.

So now our landlord is on his way over to discuss these new developments with us. Because as much new work as these men did on our flat, they still didn't hang the door or paint the patch above it.

Just another adventure, right?

Pictures soon, I promise. Just as soon as we get this all sorted out.


  1. I miss you.

    Kitchenettes > door and painted walls. Legit.

    I miss you.

  2. yes but are kitchenettes > living space? because we serioously have none now! we're a little peeved.

    i miss you too, dear. get back on facebook, please.