31 January, 2010

The best photo in the history of all photos.

Today we went on The Beatles walk around London. Hit up places they recorded, bars they frequented, where John met Yoko, where they sang together on the roof, etc. One of the obvious spots we went to was Abbey Road.

Naturally, my friends and I wanted to take that cliche, touristy, zebra crossing photo.

So we did.

Notice anything funny about the picture? (Besides how awkward we all look...)

Look hard.

No, seriously.

Did you find it?


See it now? 

Some guy was definitely flipping us the bird in our Abbey Road picture.

Needless to say, we're all pretty in love with the photo.


  1. WIN.

    ps. Lauren's only wearing socks...?

  2. Emily,
    I read this blog, and my favorite part - BY FAR - was Tea and Krempets.
    lol. Krempets.

  3. Em,

    I HAVE to tell you about our attempt at an Abbey Road picture on Bill's walk today. It's ridiculous.