18 January, 2010

Britain vs. America, Part I

Some interesting differences between the UK and the US that I have noticed thus far:

  1. Brits put their washing machines in the kitchen. This is apparently standard procedure.
  2. There are no top sheets on beds here. Just the sheet to cover the mattress and then the duvet. And on that note, duvets are far too thin for the beds. If you roll over, there's generally not enough blanket to cover you anymore.
  3. People will laugh at you if you use the word "pants" instead of "trousers." In particular if you get splashed by a puddle or something, and tell someone you have "wet pants." This is a mistake, as it means something different to them.
  4. Brits seem to have one of two reactions to Americans in London:
    1. "Ooh, you're American?" This is the good one. It means they like Americans and find you intriguing. Also, English boys think American girls are easy.
    2. "Oh. You're American." This is the bad one. It means they think you are a loud, dumb, fat bimbo who says things like "howdy" on a regular basis.
  5.  It is prohibited by law to put a light switch of electrical outlet in a bathroom toilet. Light switches for these are on the outside, which makes it easy for roommates/passerby to be jerks and turn the lights off whilst you are in the shower. Anyone wishing to use a blow dryer or hair straightener in the bathroom are SOL.

Some things I have noticed that are different from what I have been told prior to coming here:
  1. North Face is a fairly popular brand in London. I see lots of Brits wearing it, and a few newscasters on tv.
  2. BRITISH PEOPLE DO WEAR YELLOW. I don't know where I heard this stupid rumor, but it's been bothering me for months. And they DO wear yellow!
  3. I don't notice much of a difference in the tea. I have been told that British people find American tea to be utter crap. So I promptly went to Tesco and bought a huge box of British tea... I can't tell the difference! 
  4. The food does NOT suck. It's such an international city that there's a huge plethora of restaurants to choose from, and we've eaten at some pretty decent places. Ironically, the worst experience we've had was with London's famous fish and chips! (the batter on the fish was still practically liquid... not yummy.)
This list will be added to every once in awhile, I'm sure. But it's 1am here and I need to get to bed. I've got an interview for my internship tomorrow!



  1. Yes. I shall comment on EVERY post.

    What does "wet pants" actually mean to them?


    I got a North Face fleece for christmas from Shtoopid. They're nice. Get one so you can look cute and Brit-fashion-forward.

    Where the eff did you hear that British people don't wear yellow???

    I went to a tea parlor today. You should bring me back a bit of British tea.

    Oh and my grand return to Facebook will be on the 26th. Not much longer...*twitch*...

  2. Andrea, think about it. Pants are not what the British wear on the outside, I'll say that much. You can take it from there.

    Hey y'all.

    It's not quite fashion forward, just not as taboo as people have made it out to be.

    I have no idea! I think I read it in a book once, but it's stuck with me and I've been super paranoid about it.

    A TEA PARLOR??? DO TELL. And I just bought a box of over 200 tea bags, so I'll be sure to bring some back for you.

    So only one more week, then? That's good. I tried to creep on you slash tag you in a picture of a stand that was selling clothes made of llama wool.