14 January, 2010

Hello from London!

Oh hi, I am in London. Unfortunately, the hotel charges an obscene amount of money for Internet so I have been unable to do anything Internet wise. Which has sucked, but whatever. I'm in Europe! The past few days can be summed up in a Facebook message I sent to my frantic mother yesterday.

''lacking internet for a few days, i will be more in touch when i get a flat. right now i'm at the london centre, searching for flats. then we're off to try and not be homeless people. things are great so far. the flight was loooooong and cramped, i didn't like it. but tell daddy i sat in the wing seat so i had a perfect view of the man. on the wing. of the plane. flat hunting was good yesterday, we looked at 3 fully furnished, fairly cheap flats which were BEAUTIFUL. like molded ceilings, balconies, 15 foot ceilings and crystal chandeliers kind of beautiful. but i'm told the land lady is kind of a psycho, so we're still looking. i just bought a phone, it only cost me like £15, which is nice. i get free incoming texts from ANYWHERE in the world, so if you call verizon and enable international texting you can text me, and it will be free for me, i don't know about you. my cell phone number is (44)07570058447 and incoming calls to me are free, so again i don't know how much it would cost for you to call it, but it's free for me lol. the phone isn't charged yet cause i just bought it but it should be working by tonight. does that make you feel a little better?
well i've got to go look at flats now, so i will talk to you later, again, i am not sure when, but don't worry. i'm fine. everything is super super safe, and i'm generally always with geoff and lauren and emily and lindsay. so calm down! haha
love you. say hi to everyone for me.

 The phone number is crossed out because those work funny over here. I have no idea if that number will actually work because besides the country code you have to type in 245907236246 other numbers, too. I don't actually understand it.

Since that message (sent yesterday morning) I have in fact found a flat. But instead of our original group of 5, we are now living in a group of 9 people. Our flat is in Bayswater, which as far as I can see is a really awesome part of the city, with lots of shopping and food and really close to a the Bayswater Underground station. Only two stops away from school. It doesn't have the old fashioned gorgeousness of some of the others we saw, but the flat itself is BRAND new. Like, the place still smells like new paint. There's five bedrooms, four or five bathrooms (we could only find 4, but the ad said 5, so maybe one is hiding.) Everything in it is brand new, from the heating system, to the showers, the hardwood floors, the couches, the beautiful kitchen and all its appliances, the 40'' flatscreen in the lounge/kitchen area and the smaller flat screens in the bedrooms. I've got a balcony in my room and a skylight and my own bathroom (to be shared with my lovely roommate Lauren, of course.) Included utilities, wireless internet, bedding, appliances, heat/AC, hot water, maintenance, and everythinggg. We're on the top two floors of the building, and there's a beautiful elevator lift up to our flat so we don't have to walk the extensive staircase. We're paying the deposit today. Best part? SO cheap. Because we're splitting the hefty price between 9 people, it's insanely cheap. We move in Sunday, when our stay at the hotel is up. Pictures soon, probably.

It's raining here, which apparently is very normal.Of course, I've managed not to bring even one of the three umbrellas I currently have in my suitcases, but hey, I have a hat and a good attitude. And I am surrounded by British people. Who may or may not make fun of the way I speak. Only one has so far, to our faces, at least. A pile of snow fell on Emily Marshall's head and she said, 'I think I need a hat.' Some boys walked past us at that moment and said 'HAAAAAT.' They were being mean. I am slightly afraid to speak in front of people now. I'll get over it in an hour or so, I'm sure.

I'm a people watcher and this place is so much fun for looking at all the different people. Most of the people I've met so far are not actually British. Most have accents from India or China or the Middle East. Or they're from Ithaca College... The best is the little kids though. It's adorable. A little boy was splashing in puddles yesterday and looked up at his mother and said (adorably), 'MUMMY! I'm NOT wet!' It was fantastic. I might steal one. (joke.)

Right now we're waiting for the rest of our flatmates to get to the London Centre so we can go put down the deposit for our beautiful new home. (Which has a door with the knob in the center! It's so funny!) And then I will explore some more, and buy an alarm clock, since my new phone doesn't seem to be functioning as one. Will update with more once I have regular access to the interwebz.


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  1. So, I'm living vicariously through your blog posts because my social life currently consists of tumblr and uhm.. yeah, that's it.

    Anyways, everything sounds AMAZING. And even the mean people are cool. Why? Because they're mean people from London.

    Now, go out there and hunt Tom Felton down.