10 January, 2010

It's My Last Night at Home...

and I'm still not getting nervous.

For the most part, I am packed. I added an extra suitcase because my first one was far over 50lbs and I couldn't cut it down anymore. Besides, this way I will have room to bring new British purchases home with me at the end of the semester!

On Friday night I was lured away to my best friend Andi's house for a movie and waffle night, only to be informed she had a "church thing" at 8. So I returned home, only to walk in the house to find my friends in my living room! My mother had put together a surprise going away party for me, complete with balloons, a British flag, snacks, and a cake with the union jack on it. There was lots of Glee-ful singing (geddit?) and playing of the Wii and just hanging out with the people I love, and it was a wonderful way to say goodbye to everyone before I leave.

As for tomorrow, I don't feel nervous yet, although I know I am going to. I've only been on a plane once before in my life, and that time, it was with nearly my entire graduating class, so they all were there to walk me through it. Am thinking now that maybe I should have gone with the group flight, but hey, I've resolved to make 2010 the year of adventures, and tomorrow will just be one of those. I am optimistic about it, although part of that might be in my plans to sedate myself for the flight from Chicago to Heathrow...

And then by Tuesday at noon, England-time, (7am here in New York) I will be in London! So many things to look forward to, and all that stands between me and all those things is an itty bitty plane trip. *deep breath*

And after all, as all my friends keep telling me, if my plane crashes, I'll just end up with Sawyer on LOST, right? Isn't that how it works?


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