19 April, 2010

A nice Monday? Is that an oxymoron?

Today was one of those days where I was in the best of moods for no apparent reason. I woke up on time for work, for once, without laying in bed for half an hour gathering the will to actually move. Was obnoxiously smiley on the tube, which likely unnerved people (and made one poor confused French guy think I was flirting with him...) and stopped in at Starbucks on the way to the office. Had a ten minute chat with the barista about how wonderful the weekend weather was, and went off to the office. Found Mitesh, one of my coworkers, waiting there. He'd forgotten his keys, and no one else was coming in to work for another hour. So it was back to Starbucks with us, where we basically hung out for an hour or so until Hannah showed up to unlock the office. Read some really good manuscripts today, which was a splendid breath of fresh air after last week, and spent the time in between chit chatting about life at home, Marea, Hannah's horse, Amazon Kindle, and basically anything that we felt like. My left foot has been aching something awful lately, which makes walking difficult, but it decided to behave today, so I decided I would take the forty minute walk home in the dying sunlight. IPod in hand (or ear, rather) and smile still plastered to my face, I began the trek home.

And now here is a really exciting Google map of my walk home. A is my flat, and B is the office. Pretty easy walk. 2.8 miles according to Google maps. Takes about forty five minutes to an hour. The walk takes me down Oxford St, which is full of really awesome shops and exciting people (currently the road is mostly under construction to prepare for the Olympics, but that's typical of most of Central London right now.) and the second half of the walk takes me along Hyde Park, which is just beautiful this time of year. I spent all weekend there, reading, soaking up the sun, writing in my journal, or just people (and dog!) watching. My  idea of bliss, pretty much. So the walk was lovely. I could smell flowers, watch people, feel the sunshine... it was nothing special, my day, but it was wonderful all the same. So I just wanted to share a bit of it with you. If the weather is nice tomorrow, maybe I'll walk home again and take some photos for you.

Conclusion? Warm, sunny weather = a very happy Emily.

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