21 April, 2010

A Scary Thought

I've only got a few weeks left here! In one of my classes today, we were discussing what to prepare for next week, and realized it will be our final class besides exam week. This is not an okay thought.

Airports are up and running here in London again, after almost a week of a flight ban. It's so funny how I never noticed the sounds of airplanes in the sky in this city before, but now, after a week of not hearing it, I am hyper aware of all the planes in the sky. I unintentionally disrupted class today when I looked out the window and thought out loud (emphasis on the loud) to myself, 'Oh hey, there's a plane out there!' It was silly.

I have a show tonight for my Drama class, so I'm just hanging out at ICLC until it's time to leave for the theatre, attempting to watch some of my US shows, like LOST and Glee. Currently attempting Chuck, but the computer is not cooperating, so I thought I would say hello to all you lovely people.

Hello, lovely people!

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