24 April, 2010

Some Amusing Things I Saw Yesterday

Yesterday was St. George's day, which is a national holiday here that means basically, as far as I can tell, that everyone goes out and gets drunk all day. This seems to be a general theme of most national holidays here, I think. Anyway, I took it upon myself to take a walk in the beautiful weather yesterday, and it ended up being a four-hour long extravaganza. Lots of funny sights, and it made for some very interesting people-watching. Later that night, Paloma, Carrie and I went to a pub and the people-watching continued. I thought I'd share with you a short list of some of the more interesting things I saw during my adventures.
  • A group of footballers, faces painted and wearing their Manchester United jerseys, walking about and singing, who stopped in their tracks at the sight of a two-year-old boy wearing a Manchester United shirt. They chanted and cheered at the kid, congratulated the father on bringing up the child correctly, and then promptly resumed singing and disrupting the general public.
  • A man with FANGS. Like, real fangs. They were pointy and extremely prominent. He was standing outside a Starbucks, and he was out of the sun, so he very well could have been a vampire. I didn't ask.
  • The most phallic area in London. I swear, in this one area of London, there were so many suggestive street names and company names, or really interestingly shaped buildings... it made me giggle a little.
  • A guy dressed like a knight. He had a silver, faux chain mail hood, with a cape that had England's flag (the red cross) on it, and carried a sword and a shield. We're assuming he was St. George, since he had a friend dressed as a dragon. Or rather, carried a huge stuffed dragon draped around his neck. Less understandable was the guy at the pub dressed in a full adult Scooby Doo costume, or the guy wearing a deer mask.
  • A group of about twenty people or so dressed in 1920's themed costumes. Apparently there was a party somewhere? Did they forget to invite us?

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