22 June, 2012

Video Blog!

And as a special treat, today you get not one but TWO posts! And this one is even a video blog, made with my dodgy video editing skills.

So I present to you: Emily's Adventures in Grownupland, Chapter One: Rodents are a Girl's Best Friend.

And as always, thank you Youtube for your ever-excellent ability to choose attractive screencaps of me.

Emily's Adventures in Grownupland

It's been awhile since I've written in here. And I'm fully aware of this. Since the last time we spoke, dear readers, I have graduated from college. Now facing a multitude of decisions, such as what I want to do with the rest of my life, whether or not to move back in with my parents, and what on earth to make for dinner this evening, I have decided that this blog could become an interesting [and very therapeutic] way of dealing with my Adventures in Grownupland.

So stay tuned, folks. I don't know much about the future right now, but I do know one thing: this is going to be fun.